Structure of writing introduction abstract, coursework and diploma work

Abstract, course and diploma work is carried out on a single structure. They include:
-Main part;
-The conclusion;

The introduction is the prologue of the whole study, it represents its model. Here the entire scientific apparatus is described, which is guided by the researcher, performing the search work. On the basis of this, the supervisor analyzes the quality of the abstract, course or diploma work and assesses: the extent to which the topic has been thoroughly understood and understood, whether the goal has been achieved, whether the methods of research have been properly selected and whether they have been correctly used, etc.

The composition of the Introduction is a description of the scientific apparatus, which depends on what kind of work is being done. If the abstract is written, the Introduction will describe the relevance of the topic, the purpose of the abstracting, the subject and the methods of research. If this is a coursework, then the Introduction, in addition to those components that are included in the abstract, will also include a description of the object and tasks of the study. In the thesis, the entire scientific apparatus is described. So the learner, from work to work, gradually masters the technology of designing scientific research in forms accessible to him.
The volume of the Introduction is approximately 1/10 of the total volume of work, that is, the specific text of the abstract, course or diploma work. Place of introduction – it is located just behind the Table of Contents in front of the Main part.
Requirements for writing Introduction:
a) The introduction is printed on separate pages;
b) neither in the Table of Contents nor in the text is it numbered, but goes as an independent part of the work;
c) all the components of the scientific apparatus are distinguished by a font or underlining;
d) each component is written with a new line.

Be careful – with the reading of the Introduction, the evaluation of your work begins. Introduction read all and especially opponents. In its quality, judges are judged on all the work, on the level of professional training, on responsibility, on the ability to design their work and to carry it out thoughtfully and many other qualities of a specialist.
If your introduction is weak so entire view may be worse even with excellent entire writing work.