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    Quite often it is very difficult to compose a decent essay and it is only natural that the help of professionals is in a big demand. Even if you have a completed essay, you may still need to check it for any kind of grammatical or structural inaccuracies.
    In order to write an essay you have to be acquainted with the basic rules and requirements, depending on the type of essay. Even though most of them have a basic structure, there are still subtle differences that have to be taken into consideration. A persuasive essay will be very different from a process essay.
    If you need any kind of help with writing an essay, then you can ask for professional help. Any particular requirements will be carefully analyzed and implemented in your work. You will be able to save time and learn new techniques of writing.
    Basic steps you need to know
    Most essays require extensive research in order to qualify. In case of an argumentative essay you have to go through a lot of material to find enough data and statistics to prove your point. Being confident in your work is what it takes to pass an exam or demonstrate your knowledge.
    Students may encounter many difficulties while trying to compose an essay. The main reason behind this is the inability to understand how it should look like.
    • It is important to convey your own ideas on your subject of choice in an essay.
    • There has to be a message and a well-defined purpose behind your work. The reader or your audience has to understand the importance of your essay.
    • Every subject may be viewed differently and you have to take into consideration other points of views, yet still defend your own by using precise data, facts and statistics.
    Picking the appropriate subject can be considered one of the most important steps. If you have at least a vague idea of what you are going to write about, then it will be much easier to figure out the structure of the paragraphs.
    The structure of an essay
    Most frequently an essay follows a basic structure, consisting of 3 main parts. These are:
    1. Introduction. A simple an effective introductory part is necessary in order to present your subject, main idea and the purpose of your work. The main question you have to answer in your work has to be asked in this first part of your essay.
    2. Body. Every body paragraph will have to introduce a new idea or argument that is going to be used to prove your point. Expanding on your ideas and offering more details is very important for any type of essay.
    3. Conclusion. This is where you wrap things up and offer a definite answer to the question asked in the beginning of your essay in the introductory paragraph.
    Following the basic rules of writing an essay is the first step to achieving success. If you have a lot of ideas, but can’t express them in an understandable way, then you need to get help from professionals and see where you have committed mistakes.

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    Reflective Essay Writing

    Diploma is the most important work for a student. According to the diploma the department evaluates not only paper writer, but also yourself and your teachers. In the course of defense of the thesis the teachers often continue the unceasing scientific dispute, sometimes asking tricky questions. In the process of defense of the diploma, the scientific value of your work and the real relation of the department to you are clarified.

    Theoretically, it’s written in the last year, which for this is maximally unloaded, and the last semester is generally released from school.

    Diploma work is in the academic hierarchy a step below the thesis and inferior to it in volume, but its real scientific value is much higher. The fact is that objectively, the diploma student has a much greater responsibility, since his work will certainly be read from cover to cover. An opponent and a reviewer will act on the defense, and as a rule, one of them (and even both) is a young and zealous graduate student who is interested in this topic (that is why he was appointed) and who aspires during the defense to “smash” the opposite point view.

    Many years of experience show that the average scientific level of diploma works is, as a rule, higher than the average scientific level of dissertations.

    The diploma is made in five copies: for the scientific adviser, for the opponent, for the reviewer, for himself and for the department (faculty). While there is protection, the specimens lie on the table, and the docents curiously glance at them: what did this young man write interesting? Curiosity is quite sincere. One copy will be sent to the archives of the department. There were cases when in serious works they referred to the diploma works of students.

    Training for the student was to protect the coursework in previous courses. To defend the diploma, an opponent is appointed (a teacher or a graduate student who passed the candidate’s minimum in the specialty), a reviewer (graduate student). Their names you will know in advance. If you are not notified, don’t be lazy and find out for yourself – it will be useful. Opponents should receive the text of the diploma for review at least a week before the defense.

  • Book

    Book review

    paper writer will not be able to do without pictures. A picture is an anchor that draws the attention of the reader. In fiction, authors often dispense with the image of the map and a couple of drawings, this is normal for paper books. On the Internet, it is customary to add images to the text: photos, video, art, screenshots.

    It has long been proven that text with pictures attracts more readers than plain text. I checked this on the example of the goha.ru portal news feed. I have a series of articles “What to read”. Take, for example, two issues – the first and second. The first issue was given in a news line and illustrated with screenshots of book covers. The second issue was given simply by the text, without screenshots. The first issue was scored more views. The picture attracts the eye, makes you stop, look at it and then read the text.

     The screenshot illustrates the text. You tell, for example, about the new tanks added to the game, how well the models are worked out, how beautifully and formidably they look, and immediately illustrate the text with a screenshot of such a tank.

    A picture is a way to get the reader to take a break from the text. The review is great, the text is plentiful, and the review uses a lot of new terms and definitions. From such a huge amount of information the reader quickly gets tired, and the picture allows you to tear yourself away from reading for 10-15-20 seconds, this is quite enough for resting and unloading the brain.

    Pictures are a way of creating an atmosphere. For example, you want the reader to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of space, huge spaces, travel in space and time. You wrote a good text, but you feel that this is not enough. In that case, you can find a good colorful art on the space theme – black holes, nebulae and galaxies, spaceships and mysterious creatures.

    The first thing you should remember is that the picture should go after the text to which it relates. People read from top to bottom, and in the same sequence they perceive information. Therefore, first you write a paragraph of the text describing the beauty of a particular location, and already under this paragraph insert a screenshot made in this location.

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    Labreport writing service

    In fact, at the presentation, it is necessary to show and confirm the research and development carried out while studying the problem posed in the diploma.

    Since the report to the diploma is read out on the protection of the state certification commission, whose members are faced with the task of determining the degree of preparation of the author of the thesis for professional work, the defense must show and demonstrate its own readiness, focusing on the independent work done in the study. It is necessary not only to write a thesis but also be able to protect it, thoroughly understand the material presented in the diploma, calculations, conclusions, etc.

    So, the report on the defense of the diploma should be prepared to take into account that the members of the commission understood the relevance of the topic and the goal set. This is the basic moment from which the report to the thesis starts, it must be included in the report immediately after the greeting.

    The main attention in the report to the diploma should be paid to the results of the analysis and practical studies, recommendations, proposals made in the diploma based on the results of the analysis. In doing so, the material should be stated in such a way that the general logic is observed: the relevance and importance of the problem, then the results of the problem analysis, practical recommendations aimed at improving or stabilizing the situation identified in the analysis

    To begin the report to the diploma follows with words of greeting. This is 2-3 sentences at the very beginning of the speech.

    Hello, dear members of the State Attestation Commission. The theme of my thesis work “Relationships in the family’ property”. Further, it is necessary to move on to why this graduation research was conducted and to substantiate the choice of the topic. Those. it is necessary to laconically state the relevance of the topic, the problems of research and the purpose of the thesis.

    Additionally, paper writer  can specify the factors that affected the thesis work. For example, we can say that the relevance of the topic is due to the forthcoming changes in the legislation, the specifics of the industry, the uniqueness of the object of research, etc. Also sometimes include the characteristics of the object, the subject, the hypothesis of the study, etc.

  • Introduction

    Structure of writing introduction abstract, coursework and diploma work

    Abstract, course and diploma work is carried out on a single structure. They include:
    -Main part;
    -The conclusion;

    The introduction is the prologue of the whole study, it represents its model. Here the entire scientific apparatus is described, which is guided by the researcher, performing the search work. On the basis of this, the supervisor analyzes the quality of the abstract, course or diploma work and assesses: the extent to which the topic has been thoroughly understood and understood, whether the goal has been achieved, whether the methods of research have been properly selected and whether they have been correctly used, etc.

    The composition of the Introduction is a description of the scientific apparatus, which depends on what kind of work is being done. If the abstract is written, the Introduction will describe the relevance of the topic, the purpose of the abstracting, the subject and the methods of research. If this is a coursework, then the Introduction, in addition to those components that are included in the abstract, will also include a description of the object and tasks of the study. In the thesis, the entire scientific apparatus is described. So the learner, from work to work, gradually masters the technology of designing scientific research in forms accessible to him.
    The volume of the Introduction is approximately 1/10 of the total volume of work, that is, the specific text of the abstract, course or diploma work. Place of introduction – it is located just behind the Table of Contents in front of the Main part.
    Requirements for writing Introduction:
    a) The introduction is printed on separate pages;
    b) neither in the Table of Contents nor in the text is it numbered, but goes as an independent part of the work;
    c) all the components of the scientific apparatus are distinguished by a font or underlining;
    d) each component is written with a new line.

    Be careful – with the reading of the Introduction, the evaluation of your work begins. Introduction read all and especially opponents. In its quality, judges are judged on all the work, on the level of professional training, on responsibility, on the ability to design their work and to carry it out thoughtfully and many other qualities of a specialist.
    If your introduction is weak so entire view may be worse even with excellent entire writing work.

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    Difficulties of writing essay

    Our head becomes the frothing pot when we look for arguments inside our mind. Something can seriously take us away from reality for a long time, some interesting fact which we want to prove or disapprove or to understand what is our attitude to it at all! During this process each thought quickly appears on the surface to be forgotten the next second. It means you’re not a well concentrated person, such tasks as essay writing can be difficult for you to do though the topic is totally in your field of interests. So essay writer better work on your concentration, try to catch this feeling!

    Other spread problem is lack of experience, energy, needed skills, whatever. Essay writing is not about skills, it is about you and your position. Do not be afraid of writing how you can, because no one really can do it like you.

    Abusing the limits absence. The essay structure exists even if it wasn’t officially published. Yes, essay is the most “flexible” type of writing, but still do not make it look like inaccurate mindflow. There is a subject, there are arguments and facts, emotions and conclusions. This must be sterling composition in which your personality can be seen.

    Too much art. Surely, final product is going to be connected with literature, with art on some level. But still do not strew the artistic means everywhere, do not make lyric be the only thing present in your work. Beauty and sense can be connected and to achieve balance in this couple can be called art as well.

    Unsubstantiated confidence. Not all the essays can be called so, not all of them genius and worth attention. Even writing about something you are perfect at can go wrong, so you have to  check and reread it. We all make mistakes, so to correct them is the final constant step each author has to make. Better reread it too many times and criticize yourself than doing the opposite. It is what makes you develop and grow.